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Windowpane Theremin Installation (2005-2006)


In the core of the installation is a reconstruction of Leon Theremin's "Buran" eavesdropping system, developed in 1945 for KGB.

This system was based on monitoring of the acoustical windowpane vibrations by means of directed microwave radiation, produced by a military radio-location system.



The same principle was realized by means of the recent laser technology. I use a custom laser monitoring system, built around several cheap laser pointers.

Installation is based on a laser and a photo receiver, both installed at a 10 to 20 m distance from a window. The light from the laser is focussed on the window and eavesdroppes all activity in it's neighborhood. Sounds are distorted by the glass-surface resonances.


- Big enough dark space;
- old window with a big windowpane;
- one small table;
- two microphone stands;
- the ordinary PA;
- any small mixer;
- one guitar amplifier, not too big, 25-30 wt.;
- headphones.



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