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Laser Bugging (2005)



This installation/performance is a sort of sound/light alchemy, a play with light, reflecting materials and chemical processes.

In the core of installation/performance is a reconstruction of Leon Theremin's "Buran" eavesdropping system, developed in 1945 for KGB.

This system was based on monitoring of the acoustical windowpane vibrations by means of directed microwave radiation, produced by a military radio-location system. In my case the same principle was realized with the recent laser technology. By means of custom laser monitoring system, built around several cheap laser pointers, I explore and monitor normaly inaudible vibrations in many kinds of reflecting media: membranes, liquids, solid objects, listen the sound of water surface, bubbles, foil, plastic bags etc.

- Dark space, better without stage;
- one table, the size about 1.0 x 2.0 m.;
- one small table to put guitar amp. on it;
- one mic. stand.
- the ordinary PA;
- any small mixer;
- one guitar amplifier, not too big, 25-30 wt.;



- Several wine glasses;
- Aspirin;
- Miniral water with gase.
- Metal foile.

Video: Laser Bugging at Malevich Festival, Cultural Center DOM, Moscow, 2007



25.02.2007, Cultural Center DOM, Moscow. Laser Bugging at Kazimir Malevich Festival

22-24. 11. 2006. Laser Bugging at A=V annual FESTIVAL=WORKLAB, München, Germany

25-26.05.2006, Brussels, Belgium, OKNO vzw. Windowpane Theremin Installation & Laser Bugging Performance

21-26, November, 2005, Helsinki, Finland, CM&T Sibelius Academy. Laser Bugging Installation & workshop

26, October - 4, November, 2005, DOM IM BERG, Graz, Austria. Laser Bugging Installation and Performance at GRAZ MOCKBA GRAZ Exibition & Workshop. Kunst und wissenschaft zwischen freiheit und terror.


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