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Sound in Z: Experiments in Sound and Electronic Music in Early 20th Century Russia
A new publication from Koenig Books
and Sound and Music, London.
288pp, 240x170 mm, paperback.
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Selected workshops, master-classes, events:

24.01-23.02.2014 - Generation Z : ReNoise Exhibition at CTM 2014, Dis Continuity Festival. Opening: 24.01.2014, 19:00.
23.01.2014, 15:00 - The Destruction of Utopia – Reviving the Timeline. Lecture by Andrey Smirnov & Liubov Pchelkina.
28.01.2014, 14:00 - Landscape After the Battle: Experiments with Sound and Electronic Music in the USSR in the 1960-80s. Lecture by Andrey Smirnov. Studio 1. Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien.
Berlin, Germany.

15-16.01.2014 - Andrey Smirnov: Theremin-Sensors Workshop at the Frank Mohr International Masters, Minerva Art Academy, Hanze University Groningen of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.

8.10.2013 - Moscow/Wroclaw Laptop Cyber Orchestra. Avant Art Festival. CyberJam session at Impart, Wroclaw, Poland.

2-8.09.2013 - Andrey Smirnov's Sensor-Garden interactive installation at the Museum Speelklok.
4-5.09.2013, 14:00 - Andrey Smirnov & Dmitri Kourliandsky - seminar "Experiments in Sound & Electronic Music in Russia". Gaudeamus Music Week, Loevenhoutsedijk 301, 3552 XE Utrecht, The Netherlands.

26.06.2013, 18:00 - Eye for an Ear Festival Berlin. Andrei Smirnov 3hr Lecture Presentation on Russian Avant Garde Film Sound Practices: Noise Sound tracks in Film/ Graphical Sound Expts/ Cartoons with graphical Sound track. Eye for an Ear Festival Berlin at NK, Elsenstr. 52/2.Hinterhaus Etage 2, 12059 Berlin Neukolln, 0049(0)17620626386.

25.06.2013, 19:00 - Lecture-presentation of the book “Sound in Z” at the exhibition/workshop 'SOUND VISION & TIME - Paradigmen von Medien, Wissenschaft und Kunst'. Pergamon Palais, Institut fur Musikwissenschaft und Medienwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Georgenstra?e 47 - 10117 Berlin.

30.04.2013, 20:00 - Music out of Noise, Light and Paper, Lecture mit Andrey Smirnov und anschlie?endem Gesprach mit Jan St. Werner, Das Asymmetrische Studio, Kunstverein Munchen e.V., e.V. Galeriestrase 4 80539 Munchen, Germany.

26.04.2013 - ‘Music out of Noise, Light and Paper'. Presentation related to the launch of the book “Sound in Z” at the EBU Ars Acustica meeting, WDR, Cologne, Germany.

23-24.04.2013 - Presentations related to the launch of the book “Sound in Z” at HfG/ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.

22.04.2013, 17:00 - ‘Music out of Noise, Light and Paper'. Presentation related to the launch of the book “Sound in Z”. KHM, Kunsthochschule fur Medien, Cologne, Germany.

17-18.04.2013 - Andrei Smirnov gives a couple of open lectures at the Music Center dealing with his research on Sound and Electroacoustic music experiments in Russia in the early 20th century.
17.04, 11:00-13:00 - Open Lecture in the Auditorium, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland;
18.04, 09:00-11:00, Open Lecture in the big classroom M/S7115, Sibelius Academy, 7th floor.

16.04.2013, 17:00-19:00 - Andrei Smirnov presents his new book “Sound in Z” on Russian early 20th century sonic arts. Auditorium, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland.

15-19.04.2013 - ‘The THEREMIN KITCHEN’ workshop; 19.04, 18.00 - 20.00 - final presentation/performance in Agora, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland.

11.04.2013, 20:00 - THE WIRE SALON:
Synthesized Voices of the Revolutionary Utopia: Early Sonic Experiments in the Soviet Union.The presentation related to the official launch of Smirnov’s book “Sound in Z” in the UK. Cafe Oto in Dalston, East London.

15.03.2013, 9pm. - EI MARCH 2013 PERFORMANCE SERIES:
Andrei Smirnov (Russia), playing 3D Theremin + MaxMSP; Krzysztof Knittel (Poland), playing interactive monochord (based on infra-red beams), iPhone and iPad - will perform three pieces: Brain Jazz 2, El. Free improv 2, Free for(m) Macwin 3. EXPERIMENTAL INTERMEDIA, 224 Centre Street New York.

19.01.2013 - The Terpsitone and the Sensor Garden installations; 14:00 - the History of Sensors lecture; 16:30 - Theremin Sensors Workshop (light) at the NODE, Rendez-vous des curiosites sonores, Lausanne, Switzerland.

17-18.12.2012 - THE THEREMIN KITCHEN WORKSHOP in the framework of at the master degree program communication, media and interaction design, university of applied science FH JOANNEUM, Graz, Austria.

13-15.12.2012 - THE THEREMIN KITCHEN WORKSHOP at Koroska galerija likovnih umetnosti (KGLU), Glavni trg 24, 2380 Slovenj Gradec, SI- Slovenia.

28-29.11.2012 - The Sound Art Workshop at the International Festival for Contemporary Arts named for N. Roslavets and N. Gabo at the Musical College, Bryansk, Russia.

10-20.10.2012 - le festival acces(s) - edition 2012.
11.10, 19-00 - Vernissage et performance, exposition ‘Son optique-Son graphique' / Musee des Beaux-arts, 11.10 - 15.12.2012.
12.10, 20-00 - Conference et projection documentaire Histoire russe de la Musique bruitiste et du son graphique - Andrey Smirnov / Mediatheque Andre Labarrere.
13.10, 21-00 - Concerts-performances Andrey Smirnov, Tonewheels Derek Holzer, Toktek / Chapelle des Reparatrices, Conservatoire Musique et Danse. Centre-ville de Pau et agglomeration, Les abattoirs, allee Montesquieu, 64140 Billere, France, phone: 05 59 13 87 44.

14.06.2012. 18pm. The history of Noise Music and Graphical Sound in Russia in the 1910-1950s and beyond. Muzeum Sztuki w Lodzi.
ms2, ul. Ogrodowa 19, 91-065 Lodz, Poland.

25.02.2012. 10am - 10.30pm. Off The Page Festival.
Sound In Z: The Electrification of the Soviet Soundscape. Presentation of the book "Sound In Z" which relates the astonishing early history of Russian electronic music. Written by Andrei Smirnov, director of the Theremin Centre at Moscow State Conservatory, the book's heroes include Arseny Avraamov, inventor of Graphic Sound and a 48-note scale; pioneering film maker Dziga Vertov, director of the Laboratory of Hearing and the Symphony of Noises; Vladimir Popov, inventor of Noise Orchestras and Sound Machines; Leon Theremin, inventor of the world's first electronic instrument, and others whose dreams of electronic sound and multimedia were cut short by Stalin's regime. For Off The Page, Andrei will give an illustrated talk that draws on the book's mining of materials from various Moscow archives, much of which has not been seen or heard before in the West, but which throws new light on the early history of electronic music and sound art. Location: Whitstable Playhouse Theatre, United Kingdom. Sponsored by The Wire.