Andrey Smirnov

Andrey Smirnov
SOUND in Z: Experiments in Sound
and Electronic Music in Early 20th Century Russia

FOREWORD: Jeremy Deller and Matt Price
This publication offers an introduction to Russia's contribution to the birth of electronic music, sound synthesis
and audio technology in the early 20th Century. It is a story of politics and power, of the institution and the avant-garde, of collaboration and personal achievement, of ambition, opportunity and oppression. It is a story
of remarkable personalities, curious inventions, astonishing performances, radical ideas, complex mathematics, pioneering electronics, engineering, design and experimentation. It is also a story of patents and funding applications, of success and failure, support and rejection, optimism and disillusionment, hunger and poverty.
It is a story of which only fragments are known, not only in the West but also within Russia itself. Increased interest in this area in the past two decades not least in the life and work of Leon Theremin has seen more scholarly research in the field. Sound in Z makes a valuable contribution to this revival of interest and is intended
as a catalyst for further academic research. Consequently, much visual and textual material featured here has
rarely if ever been seen either in print or in English before. <>